Tansee iPhone Music to Computer Transfer 3.0

Tansee iPhone Music to Computer Transfer 3.0: Tansee iPhone Transfer for transfer song/video from iPhone to computer. Tansee iPhone Transfer for transfer song/video from iPhone to computer.When use Tansee iPhone Transfer copy iPhone songs out? - Backup songs in iPhone to PC. - Copy iPhone songs to new computer or notebook. - Computer crashed. - Share your iPhone songs with friends. - Copy all songs to a new iPhone.

Church Hymn Tracker 1.0: Church Hymn Tracker will easily store and track all of your church music
Church Hymn Tracker 1.0

Church Hymn Tracker allows the user to enter information about the hymnal, songs in the hymnal, lyrics to the songs, author of the songs, type of music, topic, book of the Bible, verse of the Bible, and enter when songs are played. With Church Hymn Tracker, the type of music, Biblical theme, and book of the Bible can be assigned to all songs, are avialable using drop down lists, and are configurable through administrator screens.

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funny songs lyrics parodies music video 1.0: hilarious funny songs parodies music video parodies screensaver for Nsync Parody
funny songs lyrics parodies music video 1.0

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Tansee iPod Copy Pack v3.0 3.0: Copy songs/videos/photos from ipod to computer.
Tansee iPod Copy Pack v3.0 3.0

Tansee iPod Copy Pack - Copy songs/videos/photos from iPod to computer. Tansee iPod Copy Pack is a life saver when - Sending your iPod for repair - Backup songs/videos/photos to a new PC - Moving to a new iPod - Computer crashed - Share your iPod songs/videos/photos with friends - Copy all songs/videos/photos to a new iPod Tansee iPod Copy Pack is an all-in-one iPod copy solution.

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CD Stripper 4.0.1: Copy songs from your CD player and save them onto your computer hard drive.
CD Stripper 4.0.1

CD Stripper copies songs from an audio CD in your computer CD player and saves them on your computer. Either strip the songs quickly or record the songs as you play them. The songs can be saved as MP3 files, standard Windows WAV files, or both. In addition CD Stripper will copy songs and sounds from any audio source that uses your computer`s sound card, such as a cassette tape player, microphone, or turntable.

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Tunopia 1.0: Tunopia is a music player that provides instant access to every MP3 song on you.
Tunopia 1.0

Tunopia is a music player that provides instant access to every MP3 song on your computer. You can search for songs by entering the song’s title, artist, or associated keywords. Tunopia lets you queue up multiple songs for continuous playback. It also provides a scheduler that will automatically play songs matching specified keywords. Designed to run continuously from your system tray, Tunopia provides immediate access to all of your songs.

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iPod 2 iPod 3.2: iPod 2 iPod, iPod2iPod for copy iPod to iPod, transfer music/songs between iPods
iPod 2 iPod 3.2

songs and videos between them. Until now this hasn`t been possible without losing all your existing songs. iPod 2 iPod gives you the power to take control of your music collection. The way you view your music is up to you, sort by Artist, Genre, Album, or even group similar songs together, then drag and drop them onto another iPod. Quickly find all the songs which are present on one iPod but not another, and transfer the ones you are missing. It

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